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    Beijing Zhonglin Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd (founded in 1992) is one of China's large-scale professional appraisal organizations, our asset appraisal qualification was certificated by the Ministry of Finance (Certificate number: NO11050001), and the securities, futures related business assets assessment qualification issued by the Ministry of Finance and the Securities Regulatory Commission (certificate number: 0100075032), we have the forest resources assets evaluation expert certificate accredited by the Ministry of finance and the State Forestry Administration.
    Our company is an alternative asset appraisal institution that appointed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, a judicial identification mechanism appointed by the Beijing Higher People's court, an evaluation mechanism selected by the national development bank, ICBC, China Cinda Asset Management Corp and China Appraisal Society.
    Since its establishment, the company insists on the independent, objective and fair Principe, and devotes massive efforts to the team construction, assets value research, database construction and domestic and international exchanges and cooperation based on the professional, honest and leading spirit, to ensure that the company a leading position in the forest resources assets assessment. Meanwhile, we always emphasize the responsibility undertaken by assets appraisal to the society economic development, provide independent and objective judgment of value for all types of assets, and win the respect of society and customers.
    The company offer assessment of enterprise value, listed companies, incorporeal capital, forest resource asset, forest ecological service value, forest landscape asset evaluation, carbon evaluation, listing corporation evaluation, enterprise asset evaluation and so on. The company set up four business units, the forest assets evaluation department, judicial appraisal department, enterprise asset assessment department and the ecology and landscape resources assets assessment research center. Besides, we have offices in Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Yunnan and other cities. The company has a good occupation moral and professional team, totally more than 200 employees, in which more than 30 registered appraiser, more than 75% have a bachelor degree, and the company also employs some professors and experts to provide theoretical research and professional support.
    The company focuses on customer demand, commits to service the industry leader, makes full use of assets appraisal to protect the customers’ legitimate rights. From its established, the company businesses are developing rapidly, with a large number of successful cases in the state-owned forest circulation, forest land requisition in national and local key construction, forestry judicial identification, forest ecological service value, forest landscape resource value and ecological environment damage assessment, listing Corporation evaluation, assessment of enterprise assets, and so on. It almost covered all kinds of industries of national economy and the government public service fields.

核心业务——森林资源资产评估业务Core business ——Forest resources assets appraisal
评估目的——assessment purpose
传统业务——企业资产评估业务Traditional business—— Enterprise asset appraisal
新兴业务——生态景观碳评估业务New business——Ecology, landscape and carbon assessment
权威业务——司法协助评估业务Authority business——Judicial assistance assessment
咨询业务——改制上市、投资咨询、林业政策、森林经营Consulting business ——the restructuring and listing, investment advisory, forest management, forestry policy